Lipstick Sister is an organization of women who are committed to 

living a life free of judgement, drama, gossip and competition.

We empower and educate women to connect with one another in the spirit of sisterhood.

We thrive by elevating each other and giving back to our community. 

Because we believe that we can achieve so much more TOGETHER!


Lipstick Sister is a membership based organization.

In order to qualify you must:

Be a resident of Los Angeles County

Be at least 25 years old

Complete an application


Benefits Include:


Perfectly curated members only brunches-every 4 weeks

(Network and mingle with other fellow members over delicious bites and yummy drinks)

Book Club Meeting-every 6 weeks

(Meet local female authors and engage in intellectual and life-changing conversations and book discussions)

Randomly selected Sister-Dates (1 per month)

(connect one-on-one with members  from your community

Yearly  Spiritual Retreat 

( 2 day spiritual retreat to focus on staying aligned and connected to our goals and intentions)


Thanksgiving food drive (November)

Holiday Drive (December)

Yearly Fundraiser for a local charity


Membership is $575/year pre-paid and non-refundable

Because we take pride in the exclusivity and integrity of the club, we have a max capacity of 50 members.

Every member is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and a code of conduct agreement if approved.


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Lipstick Sister.


I moved to Los Angeles from Mexico City in 2008. Longing to connect and develop meaningful female relationships in a new city, I found that most women's groups I encountered were only business oriented or focused too much on the networking aspect and felt a little superficial and lacked depth. 

In 2011 it became my passion to create a space that would welcome women from all aspects of life and all ages to motivate them to feel safe to be authentic, vulnerable and supportive of one another. Having strong, supportive, trustworthy female relationships is one of the most valuable tools in life.


We live in a disconnected world with so much technology, that now more than ever we must cherish and value personal human interaction and learn to rely on each other.

I hope that Lipstick Sister brings you long-lasting friendships, meaningful connections, intellectual stimulation, personal growth, fun and laughter like it has for me. 

I look forward to meeting you! 



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